We are a collaboration of four guys with a wide range of backgrounds, with the same goals in mind. There is NO drama or attitude within the band, just a true appreciation for our tremendous fans. We all have "the dream", and believe that with hard work and dedication, it can be achieved. We are a hard-rockin mix of classic and modern rock, done "Audibull" style. From the classics of the 70's and 80's to the modern sounds of today's rock and everything in between, Audibull strives to be the best, and will not settle for less....

Curt Grover - Lead Vocals, Rhythm Guitar

Scott Roblee - Lead Guitar

Curt is the "new" kid on the block. Curt started playing guitar, and anything else he could find when he was about 5. His dad had different bands practicing in their livingroom, so he played whatever was available. So,after spending the last few years jammin' acoustically with his brother, doing karaoke, taking part in singing contests, and doing fill-in gigs with several different bands, he decided to audition for AUDIBULL. They offered him the gig and are very pleased not only with his vocal abilities, but also his acoustic and rhythm guitar playing ability.
Curt states, "Unlike other kids, I never really learned to play guitar, I just kinda did it."

 Scott started playing guitar at the ripe age of 8. His father bought him an acoustic and took him to some concerts. Scott was hooked, he wanted to play guitar. Shortly after that, his father bought him his first electric, and his journey began.
 While pursuing his dream and developing his skills to become a "well-oiled" guitar machine, he played in many popular bands, eventually with a band that was showcased for a major label.
  Now Scott has brought his "sizzling" guitar talents to Audibull, joining forces with some good friends to form the next "Super Group".
He states, "I feel this band has a enormous amount of talent, and we are just getting started." 

Josh Secondo - Bass

Josh rocked his first bass at the age of 14. Over the past 16 years, Josh has been the foundation for many bands, including one of the most decorated bands in WNY, and also an all-star band with his brothers. His musical prowess and larger-than -life stage presence has molded him into a well-known and celebrated musician of the people. His musical lineage, along with an insatiable thirst for musical supremacy and vehement bass sound, have been a welcomed force in Audibull.
 He states: "Audibull is so much more than just a rock band. In all my years, I've finally found a band that gets it right. A band that is tailored to the fans and delivers what they want, every single time. There is no place I would rather be. It's rare to find a group of guys so passionate about their music, each other, and their fans. There is something truly special that happens everytime we hit the stage. You've got to see it to believe it...." 

Todd Tracy - Drums

 Todd has been playing drums since the age of 12. Over the past twenty years, Todd has been an underlying force, playing drums for two of the most popular bands in the local area. His larger than life presence and thundering sound backing those bands has lead him to great success. His great experience has made it possible for him to play in some great bands and some of the areas best musicians.
 Todd stated  "Audibull is the best band I've ever had the chance to be in. This band is "special", NO drama, NO attitudes, just a group of guys wanting the same thing and shooting for the stars!"